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Dec 22 2016
Harassment & Discrimination

New California law mandates gender-neutral single-user bathrooms

Starting March 1, 2017, new legislation approved by California Governor Jerry Brown will require public single-user bathrooms to be designated as “all-gender.”

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Nov 03 2016
Wage and Hour  

CALIFORNIA: Two new laws increase scrutiny of employers’ wage decisions

Governor Brown has signed two companion bills designed to improve pay equity in the workplace. The first expands California’s groundbreaking pay equity law beyond gender so it also covers race and ethnicity (SB 1063). The second forbids employers from using prior salary as the sole justification for a pay disparity based on…

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Jun 24 2016

Telling a California employee to see doctor not enough to satisfy interactive process

Showing just how far an employer must go to satisfy California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), a federal district court recently refused to dismiss an employee’s claim that his employer failed to engage in a second round of disability accommodation talks.

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Apr 18 2016
Harassment & DiscriminationHiring

DFEH of California issues guidance on transgender rights

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) recently issued new guidance for employers regarding transgender rights in the workplace. In order to be protected by the law, a transgender person does not need to complete any particular step in a gender transition (social or medical). The new guidance…

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Oct 15 2015
Harassment & DiscriminationLabor RelationsLeave LawsSafety and HealthWage and Hour  

California Employers: More 2015 bills signed

Governor Jerry Brown has signed more bills from the 2015 California legislative session that affect employers, some of which are extremely significant.

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Feb 11 2015
Q&AWage and Hour

What is the liability under California law for failing to provide a rest period?

Q: If our company pays an employee for their 10-minute rest period, but the employee reports that he didn’t actually take a break from work, are we complying with California wage and hour laws?

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Jan 27 2015
DisabilityLeave Laws  

CALIFORNIA: Indefinite leave of absence is not required under FEHA

A federal district court recently ruled that a California employer wasn’t required to grant indefinite leave for an individual with a disability.

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Dec 19 2014

CALIFORNIA: Jury awards $185M for sex and pregnancy discrimination

A record-setting verdict for $185 million in punitive damages and $872,000 in compensatory damages has been awarded by a jury after finding that the employer had allowed sex discrimination to permeate the company.

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Dec 03 2014
Q&ALeave Laws

Choose the FMLA leave year wisely or you could be allowing double usage

Q: Can an employee be eligible for 12 weeks of parental leave, twice in a row, for the same baby under FMLA?

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