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Nov 04, 2021

CALIFORNIA: Health care vaccine mandate expands to more workers


On September 28, 2021, California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued an order expanding mandatory COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccines in the health care industry to include workers in adult and senior care facilities and in-home direct care settings. The order, Adult Care Facilities and Direct Care Worker Vaccine Requirement, says these workers must receive their final dose of the vaccine by November 30, 2021, unless they sign a declination form stating that a religious belief or a qualifying medical reason prevents them from becoming vaccinated. Employees claiming a medical exemption must provide written verification from a licensed medical professional. The verification shouldn’t describe the medical condition, but should state the duration of the worker’s medical inability to receive the vaccine. We previously reported on an earlier order that required workers in health care facilities to obtain their final dose by September 30, 2021, with exceptions available to those who submitted a declination form for religious or medical reasons.

Tips: CDPH’s definition of affected workers is extremely broad, covering all paid and unpaid individuals working in indoor settings where individuals receive care or where people in care have access for any purpose. If you employ any workers in these settings, review the latest order carefully to determine whether it applies.

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