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Apr 30, 2020

CALIFORNIA: Food sector expanded paid sick leave poster available

COVID-19Leave Laws 

California’s new “COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave for Food Sector Workers” model notice (workplace poster) is now available. The poster must be displayed where employees can easily read it, such as in the breakroom, near the time clock, or another conspicuous place where other workplace notices are posted. If workers don’t regularly come to a physical workplace, you may distribute the notice electronically, such as through email or your company intranet. As we previously reported, food sector workers in specified industries and occupations are eligible for this expanded paid sick leave if they perform work “for or through” anyone employing 500 or more employees. The leave covers three reasons outlined in the order, all related to an employee’s inability to work due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) (Executive Order N-51-20).

Tips: Employers with workers who may be covered by the governor’s order should post this notice immediately. Contact your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney with any questions about the supplemental paid sick leave for food sector workers or the posting requirement. For more information about workplace postings, see our Legal Guide, Mandatory Posters.

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