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May 29, 2018

Brace for impact of pay equity laws

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With Starbucks’ recent announcement that the company has achieved 100 percent pay equity by race and gender for U.S. workers performing similar jobs, most employers are left wondering how Starbucks got there—and how they can get there, too.

The topic of equal pay continues to make headlines, and California, Oregon, and Washington are at the forefront of legislative efforts to enforce equal pay. Now is a good time for employers to start auditing their pay practices and policies. To help employers get started, Vigilant has significantly revised and expanded our free Legal Guide, “Equal Pay: Avoid the Pitfalls.” The guide has been updated to cover laws that grant employees the right to discuss pay, forbid employers from asking applicants about prior wages, and make it easier for workers to claim pay discrimination.

If you have questions about the equal pay laws that apply to your workforce, contact us for more information about how we can help. For details, inquire about the benefits of becoming a Vigilant member.

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