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Apr 20 2017

Dodd-Frank anti-retaliation protections apply to workers who blow an internal whistle

A vice president of portfolio management at Digital Realty Trust was fired after reporting to senior management that his supervisor had eliminated internal controls in violation of federal law. The fired worker sued the company under Dodd-Frank, claiming retaliation. This worker’s internal complaint alleging company violations of securities laws triggered federal whistleblower…

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Dec 12 2014
Labor Relations  

Alert: Employees may use company email for protected communications

The National Labor Relations Board decided yesterday that if an employer gives employees access to its email system in the course of their work, those employees are entitled to use their email to band together to discuss their wages, hours, and working conditions during non-working time.

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Jun 19 2012

Expired Temporary Protected Status card may still be valid for Form I-9

The Department of Homeland Security occasionally grants individuals from certain countries the right to work in the U.S. as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) workers, if there is an on-going armed conflict, environmental disaster or other extraordinary and temporary condition that prevents people from that country from safely returning to their homeland. The TPS country designation is valid for a limited time, but may be extended by DHS.

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