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Apr 03, 2020

Arizona issues paid sick leave FAQs related to COVID-19


The Industrial Commission of Arizona has issued FAQs related to the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the state’s paid sick leave law. The FAQs confirm that a “public health emergency” currently exists due to Governor Ducey’s issuance of a Declaration of Emergency and an Executive Order on March 11, 2020, related to COVID-19. Among other reasons, this means that paid sick leave is available under state law if the workplace closed as a result of the emergency declaration, or the employee’s child’s school or place of care was ordered to close. The FAQs also explain additional circumstances related to COVID-19 in which employees are eligible for leave. We previously reported on the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected order, requiring individuals to stay home except to engage in limited activities deemed essential.

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