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Jul 09, 2020

ARIZONA: Governor orders businesses to help stop spread of virus

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Governor Doug Ducey recently issued two executive orders, Executive Order 2020-40 (June 17, 2020) and Executive Order 2020-43 (June 29, 2020), to help limit and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Some of the key elements of these orders that are important to most employers include: 

  • Directing businesses to assist in containing the spread of COVID-19 by updating and enforcing written policies based on guidance from OSHA and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). ADHS has issued requirements for businesses on developing, updating, and implementing policies and procedures to comply with the order.
  • Allowing counties, cities, or towns to adopt policies requiring face coverings in public.
  • Enabling law enforcement and regulatory agencies to enforce the order’s provisions, but emphasizing that enforcement should first focus on education and compliance assistance as it pertains to open businesses.
  • Prohibiting organized public events of more than 50 people, unless approved by local authorities and consistent with the order.
  • Pausing operations of certain bars, indoor gyms, fitness centers, fitness clubs, indoor movie theaters, water parks, and tubing operators. Businesses that are paused cannot reopen until they receive authorization to open from ADHS by completing and submitting a form (to be developed) attesting the business is compliant with ADHS guidance related to COVID-19 business operations and posting the form in a conspicuous public place on the business’s premises.

Additional industry-specific guidance is available on ADHS’s COVID-19 webpage for workplace and community locations.

Tips: Stay tuned to the governor’s website for statewide re-opening guidance. Since local jurisdictions are now allowed to issue additional restrictions, pay attention to any local orders in your area as well.

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