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Washington Paid Sick Leave Model Policy

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Use our model policy to get started.

As of January 1, 2018, all non-exempt (overtime eligible) employees working in the state of Washington are entitled to earn paid sick leave (PSL) at the rate of 1 hour of leave per 40 hours worked. As an employer, you will need to provide paid sick leave and provide employees with notice of their paid sick leave policy in a written or electronic form that is readily available to all employees. Use our model policy as a starting point or as your own!

Why do I need this model policy?

  • What is required?

    Understand your obligations to provide paid sick leave for your employees working in Washington and determine whether your existing policy complies with the law. You may need to consider local paid sick leave requirements (in Tacoma and Seattle) as well as statewide requirements.

  • Don’t start from scratch.

    Our model policy gives you a great starting point for your own policy. Use it as-is or modify as you see fit.

  • Determine a strategic leave plan.

    We’ll walk you through the various provisions you should consider in developing your leave plan, such as adjusting your vacation or paid time off (PTO) policy, deciding whether to calculate entitlements according to an accrual or front-loading method, etc.

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