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Don't get stuck with a million dollar lawsuit!

Not paying an intern can cost you. The Department of Labor (DOL) has specific guidelines for determining whether or not your worker is an employee (and therefore must be compensated) or a trainee. Our Legal Guide, Compensation for Students, Interns & Learners outlines the DOL's six-factor test and other critical information that will help you determine if you need to pay your intern.

Why do I need this legal guide?

  • DOL Six-Factor Test

    Learn more about the test and use it to determine if your worker is an employee or trainee.

  • University Interns + Intern Performing Necessary Tasks

    Learn more about court decisions and what they are emphasizing in their decisions regarding these workers.

  • Job Shadowing

    What are the guidelines for job shadowing? Do we need to compensate workers who are job shadowing?

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