About Us

A remarkably different approach to employment law and HR

Watchful, Attentive, Alert, Eagle-eyed, Mindful

If you’ve found yourself reading this, you probably know just how complex some employment issues can be.

With our 50 years of combined experience, we work to make complex employment issues easier to handle. The word “Vigilant” truly sums up our mindset. In one word, it explains how we stay two steps ahead of the game. Our team of employment and labor attorneys, safety professionals, claims managers and learning and development experts focus on giving you crucial support, when you need it.

Meet Our Staff 

You have our attention

Experienced and dedicated employment and labor attorneys provide employers with practical counsel tailored to their business. Under a membership business model, our attorneys are not tied to the billable hour, allowing them to fully engage in understanding and resolving employers’ issues before they spiral out of control. Potentially costly issues are often avoided as a result of a real-time approach.

Member companies also have access to a team of safety professionals as well as a suite of learning and development offerings. Eligible companies, in Washington, may participate in our workers’ comp retro program. The program helps employers take a proactive approach to keeping their employees safe and reducing claim-related expenses, while also providing the opportunity to earn premium refunds. Employee health benefit plans offer manufacturing companies in Washington and Oregon the power of a large purchasing arrangement and a professionally managed program.

Why be good, when you can be great?

We believe that great companies become great employers by serving not only their customers but their employees too. In our infancy, we provided service to 57 companies aspiring to be great employers. Today that number is more than 500 and growing. We attribute our growth to being lucky enough to work with some of the best professionals around.

We were founded on finding solutions

It was a great idea back then, and it's an even better idea now. In 1960, a group of companies had the concept of creating a shared resource of labor relations professionals, HR specialists, and safety consultants to advise them all on the already-complex issues of employing people. So Timber Operators Council, later to become Vigilant, was born. 

By joining TOC employers could, for a low, predictable monthly fee, have as much employee relations advice and guidance in employment law as they needed—access to help, day or night. It was like each company having its own in-house counsel.